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Mate, Gain some weight

It’s my personal training nightmare when a guy emails me and asks how he can lose weight…

…when only weighs 145 pounds and is 5’8″!

That’s the wrong kind of thinking!

If you’re already just skin and bones, exposing more bones isn’t going to help you look good on the beach.

But almost everyday I get scrawny guys asking me how to lose weight when they have no muscle underneath the fat…

…they think they will look good if they “get ripped”, but in reality, will look like they are starving.

If that describes YOU, the you MUST focus on gaining muscle instead.

This is a harsh lesson in reality, but too many guys are trying to lose weight when the focus should be on gaining muscle.

In fact, through my experience in working with athletes and thousands of men in the gym trying to lose fat and gain muscle, I’ve come up with a height-weight chart that determines whether you should gain muscle or lose fat.

NOTE: It’s been updated…because it used to allow for more “wiggle” room, but this is the 2009 HARSH REALITY version of the chart.

Here are the ABSOLUTE numbers identifying the cut-off weight for muscle building and fat loss.

If you weigh LESS than the number across from your height, then you must focus on GAINING muscle if you want to look good at the beach.


5’6″ – 150 pounds 5’7″ – 155 pounds 5’8″ – 160 pounds 5’9″ – 165 pounds 5’10 – 170 pounds 5’11 – 175 pounds 6’0 – 180 pounds

And so on. For every inch taller, add 5 pounds. For every inch shorter, subtract 5 pounds.

For example, if you are 5’8″ and less than 160 pounds, you should NOT be trying to lose weight.

The truth is you MUST gain muscle if you want to look good on the beach. Losing weight would be the worst thing you could do.

You need to gain muscle with these workouts:

Start now. Do not wait. Get training and eating like the pro’s!

If you lost more weight, you’d look like crap, to be blunt.

Instead, you must focus on gaining muscle. This will improve the appearance of your body, and take you from a stick-figure to a lean, muscular physique with a better chance of seeing your abs.

And don’t worry, you’re not going to “get too big”. Please. If only!

At 5’8″, a guy would have to be at least 190 pounds in order to be considered “half-jacked” and would need to weigh over 210 pounds to be considered “huge”.

And the best news of all?

Because skinny guys are untrained, simply starting a muscle building program will give them maximum fat loss and muscle gain at the same time. You are going to get the best of both worlds.

Click here to gain muscle NOW!

Let me know how your workouts go,

Wild Geese every cause but our own

PS – And don’t forget to eat!

Follow the nutrition guidelines from Jay, and don’t skimp on the carbs.

Trust me, you’ll look better by gaining muscle than you will by losing weight.

Click here to discover the biggest mistakes you’re making when trying to build muscle:

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