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Lifting, BJJ and Longevity.

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

After 20 plus years of lifting weights, 12 years of bjj and 1 serious motorcycle crash I would like to give some advice to the bjj guys out there but not only to them.

1. Work on your flexibility and mobility a few times a week for a few minutes, it can be boring but you will reap the rewards later in life and it feels great to be able to move freely and without pain. For me this is one of the most important things.

Yes, I know that some of you think that you will never get older, I thought the same when I was 20 😉.

2. Learn how to do a Turkish get up and Windmill, you dont need a KB for that.

3. Get PAHLAVANDLE India Club handles from and work on your shoulders, they will thank you, you can buy them online.

4. Bulletproof your knees, single and double leg exercises. I have 2 new ligaments in my left knee, 8 screws and strong legs.

5. Get stronger. You don’t have to lift crazy heavy weights and spent hours in the gym. If you have a gym nearby, perfect. If not there is a lot of bodyweight exercises you can do.

If you have the money buy a few Kettlebells, a pull up bar and you are set.

6. Don’t go all out every lifting session. Lifting should make you feel better and make you better for everyday life/ bjj sessions. You shouldn’t be burned out and unable to move after every lifting session, is a different story how we feel after a bjj session. I still lift heavy every now and then but not as often as I used to and there is no bjj the next day.

Focus on the big lifts if you short on time ;squat, military press, deadlift, pull up, rows, KB swings. Skip the biceps curl and triceps extension, or do it if you have spare time.

7. Take care of your recovery. Sleep, eat well most of the time.

8. Practice takedowns and breakfalls, you never know when you may need them.

Life is not easy but it get easier when you are in good physical shape.

If you want to practice bjj for a long time you need to prepare your body for that, get some strength and mobility training in. This will also help you with your bjj game and you will be less likely to get injured. Strong people are harder to kill or to submit in this case. You probably rolled with someone stronger than yourself and know how difficult it can be to submit that guy.

If 2 guys who are on the same level in bjj are going to spar, the guy or girl who is stronger, faster will win.

Ps. Forget all that gentle art BS, we are simulating that we break each others arms and legs, strangle one another and the occasional time someone passes out from a choke, all of this is not done in a gentle way.

All the best


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