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Life saving training

A few days ago we wrote a post detailing the need to have a proper goal in mind before attempting to design or even follow a workout program. If you remember, the article featured pictures of a hamster and followed his progress as he started out obese, took the commercial gym and goalless route of endless running on the wheel, before finally finding the pull up station and actually making progress.

He since took part in the intensive bootcamp we run (details) and took up Kenpo as taught by Wild Geese founder, Paul Cox.

And just as well he did too. Because just recently our boy was cornered in an attempted mugging. Previously, as an obese individual with no strength and low energy levels, our boy would have been completely at the mercy of his assailants. However since shedding a huge amount of fat and building serious strength and muscle through a diet of Deadlifts, Pull ups and kettlebell work, upping his awareness and unarmed combat skills and growing his confidence with the kenpo training you can see how he was able to fight off what could have been a vicious attack.

Please watch this clip and see that if our boy can change his life and in doing so save his life, then so can you: [youtube=]

Regards Dave

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