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Legs are Life

The amount of times I've heard people say that they hate training legs

Or that they can't train legs because their knees hurt or their back hurts, or the wind is blowing from a North Easterly direction.

But c'mon, legs are life

Out in the wild, an animal breaks it's leg, it's pretty much done for.

When a boxer's legs start to wobble, the fight is near over for him.

As we age, it's the legs that tend to give out first.

Legs are life.

They transport us

They provide the power top run, jump, even to punch and throw.

Their sheer mass means that training them is a guaranteed to work the cardio vascular system whether you like it or not.

The muscle contraction of the big leg muscles helps venous return, ie pumping the blood back up the body against gravity

There's so much more to training legs than squats and deadlifts, although they are of course amazing exercises.

Here's a couple of clips of my backyard lower body workouts, all I have at home are a handful of kettlebells:

Or this one:

Try some of these movements, at least the ones you are qualified for.

Many feature in the training programs we write for our clients and those who take part in our Wg-Fit workout of the day, either in the lunchtime or evening sessions will tell you we cover legs in every session, some sessions more than others, but they're always trained.

Training mirror muscles, vanity muscles, shirt filler muscles whatever you want to call them. All the core work and glute focused work.

It all works better when built upon a strong foundation.

And that foundation is our legs.

Legs are life.


Dave Hedges

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