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Learn to Train & Succeed with Bodyweight Training

Pistol Squat

Bodyweight Training workshop 8/9/12 – Tramore Kettlebell Fitness

Due to popular demand I’ll be running a Bodyweight Training workshop. This will be held at my friend Gan Power’s gym, Tramore Kettlebell Fitness.

You may have noticed over the last while I’ve been training almost exclusively with bodyweight exercises (read my training log here). Now while there’s been a massive emphasis on high rep squats, but there’s a lot of other exercises and drills I’ve been using that you may not have heard of. It is also worth noting that most of my guys, even my strongest BJJ lads, are often humbled by some of the bodyweight drills I give them. In my opinion the use of bodyweight exercise is more useful to an athlete as they need to control their body moving through space. Sitting still and lifting an external weight may offer greater load, but it offers less proprioceptive feedback and requires much less intramuscular coordination. Big words I know, but come along on the day and all will be explained.

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Martial Arts inspired training methods for building genuine strength & power, not just “gym strength”

Over the course of the day I will share over 20 years of training experience from my roots in traditional martial arts, the physical training methods found in Karate, Aikido, Goshin Jitsu (Ju-Jitsu). The training I learned from the strength & conditioning coach at my school who looked after a top 15 schoolboy rowing team. We’ll look at bodyweight training methods from Chinese martial arts, some of which were taught to me by top coach Steve Cotter. We’ll show how to work the entire body in a balanced fashion with zero equipment. We’ll look at the best exercises for building strength, endurance, work capacity. We’ll look at various methods for programming the exercises to suit various wants and needs. Are you a fighter? A fitness enthusiast? Do you need power or endurance? Are you looking for metabolic conditioning?

All avenues will be discussed. Including, and probably most importantly, how I integrate bodyweight training into a multi modality training program. How I combine external loading and bodyweight loading to create incredible results for my athletes. an considering my athletes are nearly all involved in contact sports, be it martial arts or team sports, they can’t afford to have second rate fitness levels.

The workshop will cover (but not limited to):

Real explosive power

-Push Up variations to work every aspect of the body -Squat variations -Unilateral training -Martial Arts strength training secrets -Integrated core training -Total body conditioners -Agility -Bodyweight for explosive power -Mobility -Much, much moreDate: Sept 8th, Times: 1000 – 1600 Location: Tramore Kettlebell Fitness, unit1,1 riverstown, business pk Tramore, Ireland

Cost: €50

For booking: email with Bodyweight Workshop in the subject line

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