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Knives part 2

So last time we looked at the numbers of murders involving a knife or edged weapon in Ireland, and saw the percentage of deaths had pretty much doubled since the turn of the millennium.

Now I’m not interested in the reasons, all I care about is that it happens and what we can do to prevent it happening to us.

I don’t want to be a statistic, do you?

Oh, by the way, the last post was the stats for the reported murders. Add to that the deaths going unreported and then add on again for the assaults and injuries that were not fatal.

So what do we do about it? Do you cross the line and carry a blade yourself?

No that’s not the answer, you become one of them. And do you think that in the real world you could cut somebody up? Even if you are able to draw your weapon during a struggle, can you live with the knowledge that you used it on a person, scarring, deforming and potentially killing them?

I hope the answer is no. Unless you’re in downtown Baghdad that is.

So instead we have to fortify ourselves in other ways.

First and foremost is to stay out of trouble. Duh, obviously!

But we have to accept that sometimes we may have to fight back. Regardless of whether or not you see a blade, always assume there is one and fight accordingly. The Filipino martial arts have been fighting this way for ever and have developed skills for checking and trapping as they strike. The boxing style of punching does leave one open to the knife and the old “take one and give two back” philosophy is no longer valid. You must learn to strike while covering your openings or checking his weapons.

But ultimately you need to end the fight as soon as is possible. That means full on aggression and commitment, drop him and get out of there, no hanging around, no follow ups, just do a 4 minute mile to the nearest safe area.

Please don’t be a hero, always try to avoid trouble, failing that escape, confronting it should always be a last option. If you take on a blade, you will get cut, even if you win you may still end up badly or even fatally injured.

Wild Geese any cause but our own

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