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Knives and Glutes

Happy Friday!

The week is almost over, unless of course you are joining me for the weekend training, our regular Saturday Bodyweight/Kettlebell class, the Squat session and of course this Sunday, the Rapid Response Knife Defence course.

Sunday is going to be fun, the Rapid Response is one of the few self defence courses I find genuine value in as well as the fact that it’s always great fun working with people and seeing how they respond as we ramp up the pressure!

On Saturdays, we usually take the time to work on some bodyweight and agility drills. We usually open with 15 to 20 minutes of animal movements and maybe some rolling. This week we are going to try out a new drill that Max Shank has shared with us courtesy of T-Nation. Here’s a link to the article:

Click the image to read the article

Click the image to read the article

I can see massive value in just the basic level of this, as thoracic mobility and glute function suck in a huge portion of the population.

I’ve written about glute function before in THIS POST, I’d recommend you have a look over it and see what you can take for your own training. The chances are, your glutes are not working to their potential and as a result you are losing power and increase the risk of back and/or knee injury.

And of course, you can’t mention Glutes without mentioning Mr Bret Contreras, AKA the “Glute Guy” His website is full of great info, much of it about his favourite bodypart, get over for a look.

Thats it from me.

See you over the weekend


Dave Hedges

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