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Knife Defence – Whats The Point?

After browsing the forum websites the other night, wasting time while my dinner was cooking, I noticed a trend.

Many people seem to believe that knife defence is a waste of time.

They believe it to be dangerous.

They think it’s counterproductive

In fact this posts title is plagarised from one such post, although I did change it. Call it artisitic licence.

The question remains: Is knife defence valid? Should it be taught? Do students need to know it?

The Wild Geese answer:


Here’s why:

Open any newspaper on any day, the chances are you will see a report of a knife injury. It is well reported that knife crime is on the increase and there are harsher penalties and bans being placed on people found with a blade in their possesion. These harsher penalties are of little comfort if you already carry the scars from an assault.

It doesn’t just stop with knives, many everyday items can be used for slashing or stabbing, such as a syringe, broken glass/bottle, chisel, screwdriver etc. Several of these are very easily concealable or improvised on the spot.

Proper knife defence training will sharpen up your empty hand skills. Which is a handy bonus.

I will say this though. Improper training is dangerous. Many instructors have never faced a knife or a weapon in a live scenario, this may go back through generations of intstructors. The techniques taught have been passed down in a series of “chinese whispers” with so much of the original information being lost.

Finding a good teacher is an eye opener, you cannot learn this stuff from a book or YouTube clip. Speaking of YouTube, most of the video’s are pretty crap, be very, very selective of the ones you watch, even more so of the ones you believe.


Wild Geese

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