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Kettlebell Workshops, Levels 1 and 2 – 10th April

Instructing the Get Up

This a reminder that I’ll be running the Levels 1 and 2 kettlebell workshops on Sunday 10th April.

I’ve been working pretty solidly on getting together the accompanying manuals that have all the detail covered in the workshops, with a few extra bits. These will be given out to everyone who attends. These workshops will also be filmed and put onto DVD, all attendees will receive a copy of this at no extra charge. Everyone else will be able to get it via the website as soon as we have it ready.

If you wish to take part in these workshops, drop me a line as soon as possible, places are limited.

Level 1 covers the absolute basics, the Swing, Squat and Press. With these lifts you have a complete training system, you don’t even need a do them with a kettlebell!

Level 2 covers the Turkish get up, Push Press and Clean. We also spend time refining the swing as it is the cornerstone of any kettlebell lifters training.

Refining the swing

These workshops are open to all, the level one is aimed at first time kettlebellers as well as those looking to improve technique and those looking to teach the technique. It’s recommended that you bring a notebook and pen and come armed with enthusiasm and questions.

See you on the 10th


PS: The current Boot Camp is just finishing off, I’ve 3 spots left on the next one starting on Monday 11th at 7am. If you have what it takes to push your boundaries and make more progress towards your fitness goals than any other time in your life. Contact me ASAP

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