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Kettlebell Workshops for 2011

Level I - The swing dissected

Last year I launched my Kettlebell workshop series, it was as much a learning experience for me as it was for the people attending. However, they have now been run several times each and have always received  good feedback from the attendees, some of whom are coaches themselves, others just looking to learn how to train for themselves. The progressive format, each workshop building on knowledge gained in the last has been extremely effective and well received.

This year I’ll be running more workshops. As soon as my video guy is available we’ll film the workshops, these will then be available for sale over the internet and also handed to all course attendees. We should have these by march.

I do still have space in my diary to run further workshops, these can be bespoke events for your gym and specific clientele or the advertised syllabus. Should you wish to host a Wild Geese Kettlebell workshop at your gym/club/facility, drop me an email on

But, you may ask, what about the Level 5 and the instructor program? They’re not on the list!

Correct, they’re not.

The Level 5 workshop will be announced later in the year and only available to previous workshop participants, we will keep it a closed circle. As for the Instructor Program, well that’s another thing entirely.

Unlike the majority of instructor certifications, in fact all instructor certifications, I will not run this as a two day course. I will not expect you pass a fitness test.

I WILL expect you to teach.

If you think you can come into my studio and teach a full class, OR present a workshop, I judge you according to your ability and award either probationary or full instructor status. You will be assessed according to:

  1. Level of knowledge

  2. Ability to pass on this knowledge

  3. Ability to demonstrate

  4. Ability to correct mistakes

  5. Ability to motivate the group

  6. Ability to structure the class and workout

  7. Feedback from class participants (yes, I will interview the people you just taught!)

Instructing the Get Up

If you pass each of the requirements, you will pass. If not, you won’t.

You may test anytime, simply call me up to arrange your test. If you don;t have the required expertise to teach, attend the workshops, levels 1 and 2 will be enough for basic classes, 3 and 4 for more advanced and if you wish to use the traditional sport methods of training.

Check out the side bar on the right for a full list of scheduled workshops.


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