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Kettlebell Swing Tutorial part II – Common Errors

Good Form

Last week I posted a Kettlebell Swing tutorial, well as it seemed to go down quite well, I’m turning it into a series. This is part II, correcting common errors.

In the last post I gave you all the tools you need to successfully swing a kettlebell, how can I say this with such certainty? Well it’s the exact method I use day in, day out here at Wild Geese. But it doesn’t end there. People learn in a strange manner, I’m sure I could ask Nessa from RehabCare HOPS, she oversees the welfare of many people struggling against Mental Illness. Nessa has lectured me about the way people learn and all the theory behind it, but to be fair, after over 15 years standing in front of classes I’ve come to my own conclusion.

Learning, for many, not all, is like the life of a human. Initially it’s all attention, then the teenage years kick in and it’s “yeah whatever, I know best” followed by one of two paths, improvement or destruction. In a training environment it goes like this: First the students listen and grasp the basics, then they start to slip as they become familiar and complacent with the technique. This is the teenage section and needs nipped in the bud. Corrected early the client will go on to make fantastic progress, left alone and the client will most likely hurt themselves.

This video covers the most common errors:

  1. Sitting back too early

Squatting not Hinging + Arms disconnected = Very Poor Form

  1. Disconnecting the arms from the hip

  2. Disconnecting the shoulder from the body

  3. Squatting as opposed to Hinging

Once these are adequately fixed, most students find their progress accelerates beyond their expectation and in no time at all they’re ready to move onto the 1 handed swing and other variations (coming up in future posts). In the mean time, watch and listen to the video and see if any of the points raised apply to you.

Here’s the video:


All the information is covered in the Kettlebell workshops listed in the side bar and in the accompanying manuals, available here:

Level 1 Kettlebell manual, includes highly detailed instructions on the Swing

As always, use common sense when trying anything new and always do your best to get hands on instruction, these videos are no replacement for time spent face to face with a good coach.

Have fun.



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