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Kettlebell Swing Tutorial Part I – The Basics


With more and more people jumping on what has become the Kettlebell bandwagon, it is inevitable that there is a watering down of information. So many fitness instructors are taking mickey mouse weekend certifications that teach a dozen or so lifts in no real detail and expect only mild competency with a Kettle in exchange for a pass mark, never mind an understanding and ability to pass on this understanding.

The fitness industry is looking solely at the bottom line, and the injury rate from Kettlebell classes is going up as a result.

It’s time things changed for the better.

So over the next few weeks I’ll be posting the methods used at Wild Geese. Methods that are approved by Steve Cotter and Vasily Gincko, methods that have been used on hundreds of clients from every walk of life to get them moving better and developing strength and fitness levels that are transferable to their lives outside the gym (I think that’s called functional training?!) These are the methods that earned me a third place at the last Irish Kettlebell Sports championships, and the same methods that helped me overcome serious back injury from more traditional weight lifting techniques.

The first video starts right at the beginning of anyone’s kettlebell journey, the two handed swing, watch and enjoy.


If you are just starting out with the kettle, I must stress that these books and videos cannot come close to getting hands on instruction from a reputable coach, but please do your homework and ensure the coach has a good, well earned reputation.

The information presented here is the same as in my Level 1 workshop, keep an eye on the side bar for the next upcoming dates, or give me a shout and I’ll come to your gym or studio and teach there.

Level 1 Kettlebell manual, includes highly detailed instructions on the Swing



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