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I’ve a cracker of a post for you today.

It’s a great post looking into the various styles of kettlebell lifting.

I’m sure you’re aware that at Wg-Fit we have a small but strong kettlebell sport team, the Kettleheads GS Team.

But we also use kettlebells for our group general fitness sessions and most of our sports specific programs.

I draw from every style and system I’ve ever come across in order to give my clients the best training I can, I’ve no time for adhering to any particular dogma.

If I’m honest, kettlebells aren’t even real training tools. They’re market weights. I took this photo of a display outside Lancaster Market in Northern England a few years ago. Kettlebells are market weights for measuring produce. The bigger bells have handles. It’s doesn’t take a leap of imagination to see how lifting competitions came about. it probably involves a conversation starting with, “Hold my beer…….”

And a sport was born.

The original kettlebell

The original kettlebell

But the debates will always rage on, what style is best? Hard Style? Sport / Fluid Style? How to Crossfit utilise kettlebells?

And so on.

Well this article is an awesome answer to all that. Containing quotes from anyone who’s anyone in the kettlebell business, including myself, but thankfully not Jillian Michaels

Who could forget this wonder from Biggest Loser Jillian Michaels

Who could forget this wonder from Biggest Loser Jillian Michaels

So without further ado, click this link and enjoy:


Dave Hedges

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