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Kettlebell Clean Tutorial Parts 3 & 4

Here are the last two presentations covering the Kettlebell Clean technique.

If you missed the previous posts CLICK HERE for part I and HERE for part II

Part I covered the basic technique. Part II looked at the bottom portion and the breathing, this post looks at tightening the clean and also the top section.

We start with the Bottoms Up Clean. The BUC is not just a party trick it is a valid training lift, you see being able to swing the bell up and catch it in an upside down (bottoms up) position requires mental focus, a strong grip and efficient technique. I often find that those struggling to get the proper clean technique miraculously get it after a few of these.

Aside from the self correction benefits there are other advantages to this lift, especially for our combat athletes. A common issue with the combat athletes is wrist pain, often from miss timing a strike on the heavy bag or worse hitting with a bent wrist. The stability and strength developed by the bottoms up clean is a huge boon to any fighter wanting to injury proof themselves. Add a press onto the lift and you’ll stabilise the wrist further while integrating it with shoulder and core stability.

Have a look at the video: [youtube] We then move to the fourth clip in the series, dead start and hang cleans. These are our upper back developers, these don;t rely on the hip to generate power but instead rely on the core and back to do the work. Make these a regular occurrence in your training and just watch your traps grow.

We finish with a favourite, the Alternating Hang Clean, I’ll not go into detail, watch the video and try it for yourself: [youtube] Regards


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