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Kettlebell Clean Tutorial – Part 1

The Kettlebell Clean is an essential tool in your tool box.

While it is a relatively simple movement it does have a long learning curve for many. When I think back to almost ten years ago when i was first learning it I remember banged up wrists, torn calluses and just untidy technique. It took me a while to get it right and even to this day I’m still learning and improving.

This tutorial then is part one of a series. Over the series I hope to give you all the tools to take your clean from a horribly painful experience to a wonderfully painful experience. Part one starts at the beginning and contains the most important info, subsequent parts will introduce training drills to refine the clean or to emphasise certain aspects.

Here’s the video or part 1:


If you enjoyed that, you’ll find the clean along with other techniques described and illustrated in the Level 2 kettlebell manual:

Level 2 Kettlebell Lifting Manual


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