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Just Warm Up

Not every day will be a high end training day

Some days there can be a real battle in your head about whether to train or not train.

I get this.

I've heard Olympic Champions talk about this

It's completely normal.

The key, according to most of the internet, is to ignore those thoughts and to just push through.

That has some value, don't get me wrong.

If you're in your teens or twenties, if you're a competative athlete with an event on the horizon, then absolutely you should be pushing.


But how far?

The trick, is to always do the warm up.

Make a deal with yourself, you will go in, you will get changed and you will do the warm up.

If at the end of the warm up you still feel the same, leave. You're done for the day, no guilt, no loss, no worries. You likely need the day off to recover.

But if you warm up and you you feel better, then carry on. Do the first exercise, where are you now?

So many times we warm up and end up killing a session and walking out the training room feeling amazing.

Always warm up.



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