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“It’s your job to teach me!” or is it?

“It’s your job to teach me”

Says the student as the class gets underway (not my class by the way…..)

And they’re right.

To a point.

It’s like all those people right now trying their hardest to find motivation.

It’s like those people who post motivational quotes and fitspro memes on Facebook

It’s like most people most of the time

Looking for someone to give them what they’re looking for

Which is why they end up forever going round in circles

Never moving forward

Working oh so hard to stay exactly where they are.

Or they quit

“You’re here to teach me.”

Yes, but you’re here to learn.

It’s a two way street, but like many suburban streets, one way has priority

And the priority is on the student to learn

The motivation must come from within

Connected to a reason to train, to learn, to show up

And most importantly, an acceptance of responsibility.

A responsibility to be a good student, to shut up, listen and then ask the best questions they can before applying the answers.

A responsibility to work not just hard, but smart.

To accept that there’s always room for improvement and only you can make that happen.

Teachers and coaches are facilitators in the process, but it’s you who makes it happen.

I can’t get in your body and lift that Kettlebell for you.

I can’t feel if that stretch is getting deep into your hip flexor or not.

I can’t force you to do that last rep.

But you can.

I’ll encourage you, I’ll show you what to do and what not to do and i’ll remind you as you start to slip.

But I can’t do it for you.

If you can find yourself a reason to train, I’ll train you.

When the results start coming, when you see and feel the improvements in strength, mobility & endurance, then that becomes it’s own motivation.


Dave Hedges

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