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It’s what you DO that defines you.

There is currently a big upset and drama unfolding in the fitness world.

And it’s pissed me off.

So I’m going to air a few thoughts.

Lets start with this one:

Batman is fucking right on the ball with this.

It’s what you DO that defines you.

Not whatever image you portray on social media

Not what your echo chamber of fans, friends, sycophants etc tell you

Not what you wear

Not your mask

But your actions.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

That is who you are.

And if you position yourself as an authority figure, someone to be looked up to, admired even.

If you gather a following, if people place their trust in you.

If this is who you become on the outside, then your actions had damn well better reflect that.

Ok, at home, on the sofa, when you’re done. Then you can let your guard down, you are in your safe space. And that’s cool. Even an SAS soldier switches off sometimes.

But that is in private.

If you have built a public persona, live it.

In this current upset a very high profile expert in the field of nutrition and fitness has failed to live it.

Failed in a dramatic fashion.

His mask slipped and his actions have been made public.

And they are disgraceful. Disgusting even. And he has nothing but pathetic excuses to make.

I am not going to give details.

My job is to coach. To instruct.

People come to WG-Fit, to me, to become better. This requires trust.

People tell me things that leaves them vulnerable.

In fact, in the gym setting, you show your most vulnerable side because this is where you come to strip away weakness, to get stronger. This is where you exorcise your demons. You allow yourself to openly struggle and fail, and with the support of the gym community, headed by the coach, you pick yourself up and you go again.

For a coach or instructor to take advantage of this trust is sickening.

I’ve seen it many times over my life time. Several instructors I have known have abused their position of power, of authority. And every time it has sickened me.

One, a Kenpo instructor, was moved away from me during the sparring segment of my  2nd degree Kenpo test. I would have failed my grade if he’d been stood in front of me, I knew the things he’d done and said to female students, and I wanted to make him pay.

It is our actions that define us.

All of us.

No excuses.

Not alcohol, that’s not an excuse.

Be an alcoholic, just do it on your own time.

Or own up to it, as you’d hope/expect your clients to.

Don’t wave it as a fucking flag to hide behind, like a child would.

Your actions define you.

Live up to the profile you present to the world.

Listen to Uncle Ben


Dave Hedges

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