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"It's the first course I did and didn't get injured"

Before you say it, this is not clickbait.

That is a genuine bit of feedback from the recent Kettlebell Beginners Course.

The course threw up a few bits of feedback that I want to share, especially as it pertains to the image we commonly present with.

Look back through the WG-Fit media and you'll see championship medals being bragged about from a range of dangerous sports. I understand if people look through our media, or the gym window, and they think to themselves "bloody hell, that's too tough for me"

Yet, amongst this first group to attend the beginners course, all have gone onto sign up for the regular classes, which is fantastic.

During the course, Coach Seb chatted to them and heard the following:

  • I was thinking I'm is to weak

  • I'm not fit enough

  • I have a history of injuries

  • I'm a little older

  • I am a bit overweight

  • Will I be able to keep up?

  • I've never used Kettlebells

  • WG is a scary place, people in there can be scary

  • I'm not strong enough, will they take it easy?

These concerns are far from unique.

I understand that people think the place is intimidating. We are a facility that is set up as a martial arts training facility first, the fitness training side grew out of it as a complimentary wing. So you look at the black walls, see the martial arts weaponry hanging on the walls, hear the Muay Thai lads slamming the pads, see the chiseled physiques of the BJJ lads.

I get it.

Now here's a thing...

In terms of scary and the duty of care taken by instructors, I have noticed over my years that the more seriously a place takes it's training, the higher the level of competitor that comes out of a particular training facility, then usually the greater level of care is shown by the coaches.

Coaches who understand that an injury on training may mean the athlete can no longer compete, means that they pay more attention to detail in training. Coaches who have competed, maybe been hurt, have run the gauntlet and come out the other side, have personal experience of the journey and usually are looking to improve on it for their clients.

Those that haven't, well they might not.

I myself have been screwed up, smashed around and injured more times than I can count. Seb, well he's not far behind me. He's also a multiple time champion and black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

We know what it means to be hurt. We know what it takes to come back from that.

And we don't want you to have to go through the same thing.

So our training is dedicated to safe, appropriate progression.

So, are you not strong enough?

That's ok, I don't think I am yet. So we'll start you light and easy. My heavy isn't my heavy or the next persons heavy, so we'll all work with the right "heavy" for where we are. So, you're a little older? Not all our members are 20 something Adonises They wouldn't know what describing someone as an adonis means, but you do. Age is meaningless, we have had people on the training floor from 17 through to 64.

Watch this clip:

Pranjeet "used to have" bad knees, but you see him here killing it with some push ups, struggling a bit with some lunges, but smiling non the less!

And Pranjeet at 64 isn't the oldest we've trained!

Now, our next Beginners Kettlebell Course is starting on January 9th and runs twice per week for 6 weeks.

You can join us by clicking here:

And if you have any doubts in your mind as to whether you are suitable or not, drop us a line. We might be ugly, but we don't bite....

I'm the good looking one on the left, Seb is ugly one to the right.....

Book your place or drop us a line.

We'd love to hear from you


Dave Hedges

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