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It’s nearly here…

A very quick blog post today.

Over the last year or two I’ve been promising the launch of an Online Training service.

Well, it’s happening.

To be honest, I’ve always offered this as a service, but always very low key.

Now we’re going big.

I found a service called which is designed exactly for delivering online training.

I’ve registered and am in the process of setting up my account properly, with video’s, pre-prepared plans and of course the bespoke personalised plans.

Bear with me for a few days while I sort the details.

But once it’s properly ready to launch I’ll be letting you know the process for getting involved.

Things to expect:

  1. Messaging service so you can communicate easily with me

  2. Video tutorials so you can see how an exercise should be performed.

  3. Pre-written workouts, if you just want something a bit generic

  4. Bespoke programs written for you and only you based on a detailed assessment.

  5. Full online support from me, including the option for skype calls

  6. Nutritional support via my colleague Seb and his Fork & Knife Nutrition service

  7. Athlete specific training

  8. Performance Enhancement

  9. Post injury rehabilitation

  10. Kettlebell Sport

  11. and of course my own style of Strength, Mobility and Endurance training.

It’s going to be awesome.

I’m excited.

Which is why you can expect this blog to be a little bit barren for the the next while as I work on developing my profile instead of writing here.

But stay posted, details of how to apply for onlibe training will be coming very soon.


Dave Hedges

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