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Irish Council of Eskrima Kali Arnis Instructors

Right, it’s about time we got the ball rolling properly.

In 2006 3 people got together and formed a non political umbrella organisation in the UK in order to promote the Filipino martial arts and ensure it’s quality is maintained at a high level. It was fortunate that one of those 3 was Pat O’Malley, in the last 2 years he has cajoled, bribed and bullied representatives of around 20 styles of FMA to join the council.

There are now similar councils in the Philippines (to whom we all answer, yes even Pat!), Italy and New Zealand. I believe Australia and Germany are in the process of forming.

Here in Ireland we are a minority, but we have several notable groups, including in no particular order, and by no means exclusive: Sayoc Kali Atienza Kali Doce Pares Eskrima Warriors Eskrima Kalis Illustrissimo Lescima

I’m sure here are a few more round, lurking under the radar. There is plenty of room for us all to work together to bring FMA into the light, ensure only qualified instructors are teaching and gain proper recognition. Having FMA featured in various movies (Bourne, The Hunted etc) and documentaries (Mind, Body &…., Human Weapon and Fight Quest) is great for us, but we could be doing more to promote ourselves.

Drop me a line, or email if your interested in bettering your art. Sure, why wouldn’t you?

The rules and regs of the British council are here the other councils have basically emulated this, and we all report to the Philippine council.

Any questions can be directed to either me or the British council.

Wild Geese any cause but our own PS, Don’t forget the upcoming Escrima Concepts weekend

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