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Instinctive Movement and Getting Out of Your Own Way

Most people move pretty much the same way the world over.

They walk the same

Run the same

Throw the same

Punch the same

Ok, no EXACTLY the same, but if you saw a silent video of them miming a task, there's a pretty good chance that you would pick out what they're doing.

Despite where they grew up

There is, to quote Kung Fu Panda, no secret sauce

Two of the most common debates I hear going around are about running technique and punching.

I like to argue that there is no perfect technique for either.

But there are commonalities we'd like to see.

The thing is, we overthink.

We get in our own way.

Many coaches, despite their best intentions, they get in your way.

Technique is a template.

A template that your body can, and will adapt learn and then adapt to it's individual strengths.

If we spent more time simply optimising the human animal rather than optimising technique, I theorise that we'd be performing better with less injuries than currently seen.

The exception I suppose would be the single event specialist at the very top of the game.

The Olympian for example.

But you do tend to find that those at the top have a wide range of activities in their past, they only specialise as they climb the ranks


Dave Hedges

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