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Injury Proofing the Wrist

Wrist injuries are very common amongst the martial arts community. The wrist is a complex joint that is designed for mobility, yet when we strike with a closed fist we ask it to become stable and solid. Often it fails.

A bent wrist is the very foundation of the Aikido/Aiki-jutsu arts, where wrist locks are used to control and disarm opponents with crippling pain. In fact, over the 10 year period where I worked as a Doorman it was the humble wrist lock that got me out of more scrapes than I’d like to count.

Since I’m retired from Door work and now train fighters, I’m happy to share this video. In it I show how to keep the wrist safe from harm, strong enough and stable enough to deliver a powerful punch without loosing the mobility needed for fully functioning hands.

As always, all techniques shown here must be treated with caution and common sense. [youtube]



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