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If it's important....

If you have been following my social media, you will be familiar with the fact that I have a new barbell and am repeatedly posting myself doing front squats titling the posts "If it's important"

So, lets dig into this a little bit.

The legendary strength coach, Dan John, has many great quotes. One of which, that I think he got from one of his old coaches, goes like this:

If it's important, do it every day. If it's not, don't do it at all

This is a great lesson, one you should all have printed off and hanging on your wall somewhere.

What is "it"

The "it" doesn't matter a damn.

We all brush our teeth daily, because it's important.

What else is important?

Read a few pages of book? Drink coffee? Front Squat?



Watching The Witcher on Netflix?

Your "it" will differ from my "it" which will differ from the next persons "it"

The point is, you have identified what is important and you ensure it gets done each and every day.

The "it" may change every few weeks or months, but there will always be an "it"

When I work work with injured clients, I encourage them to make their rehab their "it" and to do it every day.

My personal current "it" is that barbell front squat. I'll write as to how and why in tomorrows blog post. Until then, here's a variation on the front squat, a zercher lift from the floor, this will test your flexibility and ability to use intra abdominal pressure, be extremely careful of these, even if you know what you're doing....

Now, have a think and you decide what is important to you.

And ensure to do that thing each and every day.


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