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I need you!

Today I’m turning the tables. Usually I write a post that offers potential solutions to your training needs. Often these posts are actually inspired by conversations I have in the gym with some of you.

Today though, it’s your turn to help me out.

Most of you are aware that I carry some old injuries in the low back area. Well today I finally made a hard choice. Each and every time I go through a training phase prior to Kettlebell Sport event my injuries flare up and I spend a few months in pain, usually until the competition is over, I rest and then return to more GPP. This year I upped the ante on my training goals and expectations (as expected, if you aren’t moving forwards, you aren’t moving) and as a result, the body broke down even faster than usual. Initially the 32kg bells became a no no, now even the 24’s are giving me issues.

This is not acceptable.

Training is as much about enjoyment of the experience, it is about finding and surpassing previous limitation and it is about longevity. I enjoy pushing the boundaries, especially in the double kettlebell clean & jerk (Long Cycle), but I’m seriously doubting the benefits of this for my personal longevity.

I, for one, never intend to retire. I will not be one of those “I remember when….) types.

So with that in mind, I’m in need of some new training goals. At the beginning of this year I had planned to train for and compete both the major Irish Kettlebell Sport events. Then I had planned to back off and just work general fitness and strength for the remainder of the year. I pulled out of the Wexford event and am now bowing out of the Kilkenny event. Simply because my body will not allow me to perform to the standard I expect of myself.

So now I need a new training goal.

Obviously I need it to be beneficial to my injury, so I’ll be starting with mostly bodyweight training (apt, since I’ll be teaching a bodyweight workshop in September), but what should I work towards?

Lets se what you can come up with, help a coach out a little. The top three suggestions will get a copy of both No Equipment, No Excuses and WMD.

Bodyweight Training eBook

Lets hear you..



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