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I Haven’t Forgotten

With Wild Geese being situated so close the the Irish Financial Services Centre in Dublin many of my clients are away on regular trips to their international offices.

Which means I’m often getting questions on what sort of training they can do if they get the opportunity.

Of course, I recommend bodyweight exercise most of the time, as there’s never any guarantee that there will be any gym facilities at their location.

In fact, back in my travelling days, this exactly how I trained, so much so I may have written a book on the subject…….. (subtle Dave, subtle!)

So when I get the following email from a client who’s been out of the country for a good while, I have to share:

“Dave , Hello . I should have landed in India last night but missed connection in Abu Dhabi as flight diverted to the military base of all places ! Anyway long story short I got to a hotel this morning to lay over until flight later tonight . What made me feel better ? As my gym/ swim gear are in my luggage that I don’t have , I decided to do your warm up session in my hotel room an hour ago , with a few stretches you showed me thrown in for good measure and Hindu squats to finish it off . With not much sleep in last 36 hours that made me feel good and looser !

So as my subject line stated ‘ I haven’t forgotten ‘ .

See you when I’m back , D

Sent from my iPhone”

Those of you who have trained in my Lunchtime Sessions for long enough will know D.

Notice the emphasis on this email?

“What made me feel better?”

This has nothing to with fitness, getting jacked, or performing tricks. This is simply about feeling better. Feeling better mentally and feeling better physically (because there’s really no difference between those)

D trains.

She takes part in Triathlons, at one time very seriously. So she travels with her swim gear and gym gear.

But she also knows the value of simply moving to refresh the body.

And if you spend multiple hours stuck in place, be that in an airplane or simply at your desk. I strongly advise you to discover the value of moving yourself.

Here’s the warm up set she spoke about:

If you search my youtube channel, you’ll see several other variations on warm ups and other mobility drills you can easily filter into your day to keep you moving well, feeling well and disrupting the apathy that comes from being stuck in a seat all day every day.

Oh, and about that book…..

No Equipment, No Excuses - Bodyweight Training for the Home, Office or on the Road

This was my first ever eBook, based on how I grew up training in community halls, squash courts, hotel rooms, hill sides, in fact, everywhere except the gym.

If you click on the image, it’ll take you to the shop page on our other site so don’t freak out when you get redirected!

Now, get up and move!

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