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Human Weapons, Human Animals and a Rant

Got a bit of a random post here.

Too much going on my mind to sit and write a single detailed post so I’m simply having a bit of a brain fart, the results of which you are now sitting and reading.

Lets start with a sales pitch.

1 Day Self Defence Workshop

It’s back! This workshop is always popular and I get great feed back from the people who attend.

We cover a variety topics over the day to a level at which you can go away and work on them. Unlike most courses where you learn a shit load of stuff at a superficial level and can’t remember much at all by the time you leave!

I’ve run those courses in the past.

And I apologise to anyone who attended.

Now I’m both older and more experienced, I understand the value of doing one thing well rather than doing lots of things poorly.

I also understand that people can only take and retain in a limited amount of information in a given period of time.

But if this limited information is learned well, studied with an emphasis on depth of knowledge rather then breadth of knowledge, we end up with an understanding of principles.

And principles can be applied in a whole manner of circumstances.

Depth of understanding  trumps breadth of understanding any day of the week.

And especially in a self defence, or even strength & conditioning environment.

And that’s a whole rant for another day!

But first, here’s the workshops link:

I’m looking forwards to this, I love teaching this course, especially as the typical Wild Geese client comes armed with questions, and that always brings a workshop to life.

The Woman of Wild Geese

I’ll not lie. My group classes have been a little quieter than normal, the drop though has largely been from the lads. Which means the girls are really shining.

Some from the public / group sessions, others are private clients. It really doesn’t matter, they fucking killing it!

Check out Karolina on the multi planar single leg squat. Her old back injuries prevents us from using pretty much all conventional strength work, but the feedback from her BJJ training partners is that she’d never been stronger.

A video posted by Dave Hedges (@dave_hedges) on Jun 3, 2015 at 2:39am PDT

And then there’s our Joanne.

Joanne runs some acupuncture out of Wg-Fit from time to time but she is in the building 3-5 days per week training, depending on her work/college schedule. That may sound like a lot of time to dedicate to training, but bear in mind it’s rare that she’s ever here for more than 45 minutes. Here she is on the chin ups:

A video posted by Dave Hedges (@dave_hedges) on Jun 2, 2015 at 11:34pm PDT

Pretty good eh?

Now bear in mind that the mainstream fitness world will discourage pull ups as they’ll build “man muscles” which is utter bullshit. As you can see, there’s nothing manly about either of these girls.

And that brings me to the last part.

Man, Manly, Masculinity and being male.

I’ll keep this short because I can rant on this for hours.

I have a client who is studying the very sensitive subject of youth suicide. I have another client who is the manager of the Mental Health group I work with.

Both these women have an interest in suicide, from a professional perspective. Both recognise that young males are a seriously vulnerable part of our society right now.

Particularly now.

Part of this is the economic climate.

Part of this is the way in which the male animal is treated.

Without going into too much detail, the male animal is a physical being. Males have around 14 x the amount of testosterone than women. Our bodies are designed to carry a greater amount of muscle than the equivalent sized female. The genders are not equal.

There are area of human behaviour that females dominate in. There are areas that males dominate in.

This should be encouraged.

This is why physical training, martial arts, male bonding, physicality, rough housing, getting bruised and bumped, sweating etc are so important to the male animal.

Yes woman need this too (see the above two examples)

But males, particularly young males MUST let of steam in a physical environment. I was close to self destruction in my teens and I’m well brought up from a nice family attending an above average school. Yet I still came close to imploding. Karate, Running and Strength Training saved me from me.

Finding a mentor, the seemingly unkillable Jack Parker, taught me to be a physical animal without losing the cerebral side of who I was. You could say he helped me apply that cerebral side as I began to understand the animal better.

I’m going to leave this her before it turns into a full on essay.

But to sum up:

Self Defence course: June 28. Book HERE:

Women: be strong, it’s awesome.

Men: don’t be afraid to get in touch with the human animal, find a release, be it kettlebells, calisthenics or Muay Thai.

Aaaaaaand breathe…..

Till next time.

Dave Hedges

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