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How We Structure Combat Sports Training

Hi, my name is Dave and I:

Not just Kung Fu, but all the martial arts.

The reason I do what I do now is because in 1988 I walked into St Martins Junior Karate Club, Lancaster, England and decided that I was going to learn Karate.

So to now have a number of highly skilled martial artists / combat athletes coming to me for their S&C work is a dream.

But, enough about me….

Martial Arts, aka, Fighting, asks a huge amount of the body and mind.

To be relaxed enough that you are fast To be strong enough that you have power To be tight enough you can resist To be mentally sharp enough to remain focused through fatigue.

All that while working against someone who is actively trying to stop you. It is, or should be about as pure a competition as is possible.

That said, in order to tip the scale to your advantage, a good quality strength and conditioning program should be part of your training.

Not, your standard gym bunny workouts, but a thought out program specific to your needs.

And while specific to the individual and the requirements of their individual art, there are a few things that almost never change:

You will deadlift. You will do Kettlebell Swings. You will work all elements of the strength continuum

Here’s Eric Cressey talking about Strength-Speed continuum, this lecture is equally valid for strength-endurance:

So depending on the athlete, we may train them as follows:

Monday: Strength focus – Deadlifts, Presses and accessory work Weds: Aerobic focus – circuit for time, lots of swings, inverted rows, crawling and running. Friday: High intensity – We vary these but it’s usually some kettlebell complex or bodyweight circuit of the kind that makes you want to go home after your 2nd round.

Hang on, I’ve just described our bootcamp program

Our Bootcamp was designed for fighters, several of our members are from the Irish Karate Kyokushin, including world number 11 Aneta ne Rudyte (who just won best female fighter and 1st place at the Lituanian Open this weekend)

others from Judo and a variety of other backgrounds.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what we do, drop a comment below or send us an email

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Dave Hedges

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