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How To Start Training With Kettlebells

Starting anything new can be intimidating and confusing.

The internet was meant to make information easier to find, but in many ways it simply made the waters murkier, with every man and his dog being given a voice.

Finding real knowledge amongst the plethora of snake oil salesmen became ever more difficult.

Back when I first heard of the Kettlebells there was one single source, Dragon Door and their RKC fronted by Pavel Tsatsouline. Surrounding Pavel we had Steve Cotter, Mike Mahler and Steve Maxwell. There were a few other names, but they were the big ones.

Then Kettlebell Sport crept into our awareness under the likes of Vasily Ginko and Valery Federenko

Dave with Vasily Ginko, Mike Mahler and Steve Cotter

I was fortunate to be able to learn and study under three of these legends, Steve Cotter who certified me as Irelands first CKT 2 and Master Trainer in, Vasily who certified me as an IUKL Kettlebell Coach and Mike Mahler, who doesn't offer a cert.

This was in around 2008/9 Before the kettlebell explosion and the rise of the social media guru's.

Back then, starting was simple, there were very few places to purchase a bell and very few resources to choose from to use it.

Now, in 2022, you can buy a kettlebell like object in the middle isles of the supermarket, and you can't move for instructors claiming to teach you how to use them.

With, lets say.... varying, results.

So what am I offering you today?

I'm offering you a 6 week course.

Twice a week for six weeks you can come to Wild Geese, one of the original kettlebell focussed kettlebell centres in Ireland. Over the 6 weeks, you will learn to safely and efficiently.

How to Swing the kettlebell and build a stronger hamstrings and back muscles, without hurting your back.

How to Squat to develop all day strong legs Learn the iconic Turkish Get Up to develop resilient and stable shoulders with a core of spring steel!

And so much more.

These are lifts that have help countless people feel better in their own skin, lose weight, build strength and move better.

They've helped athletes across a range of sports, from Kickboxing to BJJ, Mountain Biking to Triathlons

Now we are inviting you.

Starting October 10th, come and join the Beginner Kettlebell Course:

We'll see you there



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