How To Snatch by Maria Moran

Today’s blog is from Maria, who by now shouldn’t need any introduction. So lets go:

Just back from the World Championships

Last year, I decided to take on a new challenge – the snatch (lovingly renamed the cunt because that is what it is – a total cunt of a lift). I did it because I hated snatch and because LC wasn’t allowed on an international competitive stage for women at the time.

If I’d only waited one more year, I’d probably never have started snatching!!!

I hated it because I was rubbish at it but I can only ignore such a massive gap in my skills for so long.

I ran out of distractions and convinced myself that it would be fun to be a beginner again at something – to get stuck in and start from scratch. I’m pretty convincing like that.

What looks like the simplest of all lifts – straight up and down as many times as you can – is surprisingly intricate when you really start to pull it apart.

The one and only Maria Moran in early this morning. Everyone in Wild Geese looks up to Maria, and for damn good reason, but few see the extra work she puts in when no one is looking. Such a great work ethic. #wgfamily #kettlebellsnatch #girevoysport #girevoy #irishfitfam #dublin2 #doingwork

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I’ll write more about the year itself, and all the challenges it brought, another time, but I was recently asked to write a blog on how to snatch. I guess, you might assume I have it sussed – me being the champion of Ireland, the world and twice champion of Europe – like. Totally awesome at snatch, right?

Spoiler alert – last year I didn’t have a clue what I was at.

Evidently that’s ok – you can still win all of the things without knowing a bloody thing.

This year is has started to come together for me a little bit more. That’s down to a year under the bell, being guided by Dave, and a invaluable workshop with Aleksandra Vasileva in Wexford in January.

Aleksandra Vasileva

The lifting part is not so hard any more. There are some days where I have an actual semblance of smooth technique. Hasn’t happened on the platform yet, but all in good time!

I reckon I’m only 2 steps into the whole snatch journey – not sure if there are 10 steps or 10