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How to look sexier IN the gym than you do OUT of the gym!

I always tell people that if you look sexy while you’re training then you’re doing it wrong.

Well I’ve figured out a way around that at last!

You may have noticed how sexy I look, especially when toiling away in a pool of sweat under some heavy ass kettlebells.

I’m poetry in motion.

Sexiness embodied.

C’mon, I am!


Sexy ass shorts and a Mind over Metal T-Shirt……. control yourselves ladies!


The reason for that is my favourite training gear.

About 2 years ago when the My Mad Methods Magazine was going strong and I was a featured writer, they sent me out some training kit.

A pair of shorts and a warm up top.

As soon as I tried them I loved them.

They’re from a brand called Hylete based in the US of A

Since then I’ve bought a few pairs of long trousers, the same black pants you see me wearing in the gym every day. I even train in them during the winter.

All this kit is now around 2 years old and still as fresh and new looking as when I received it.

I’ve a set of leggings on the way now for my wife.

So I contacted Hylete and had a wee chat.

We now have a deal going where by (and this is their spiel):

Wild Geese Fitness Training is now powered by HYLETE and endorse HYLETE apparel. As a benefit, all of our members are invited to sign up for a powered by HYLETE Athlete account.1) Visit to create your account 2) Select Wild Geese Fitness Training as your referred by 3) Log into to receive your exclusive pricing

Does this sound a bit sales pitch like?

Fuck yes!

I’m trying to make you buy their kit so i can get a slice of the pie when you send them your hard earned cash.

That’s just good business.

But better than that, I wear their stuff because it is the best training apparel I’ve ever had in 20 years of wearing training apparel.

I’ve used:

Ron Hill Helle Hensen Nike Addidas Under Armour Karrimor Craghoppers New Balance and god alone knows what else.

And I like Hylete gear the best.

So that’s my clumsy sales pitch over with.

Buy their shit so I get paid.

I wonder if I get paid that means I can buy their shit.

I wonder if I get paid by me buying it?

Now for today’s Iron Supplements (which would be so much easier in Hylete gear! <— see what i did there?)

1A: Suitcase jumps x 4-6 1B: Explosive Push Ups x 4-6 3-5 rounds

2A: 1/2 Kneeling Press x 4-6 L/R

2B: 1/2 Kneeling High Pull x 6-8L/R (video here: 3-5 rounds

3A: Bodyweight Squat x 10 3B: Mountain Climber x 10L/R 5 rounds, no rest

Have fun with that.

And here’s the instructions again from Hylete again:

1) Visit to create your account 2) Select Wild Geese Fitness Training as your referred by 3) Log into to receive your exclusive pricing


Dave Hedges

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