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How to be Always Ready

Over the years I’ve espoused this idea of “always ready”

This thought was brought back to the front of my mind by an old client coming back to online training with the request for help in ensuring they are just that.

Always ready.

This lead to a discussion what the term means to them, the client and it got me rethinking what it means to me and what it is as a general guideline for most people.

The client in question is a BJJ player and keen competitor, so their version of always ready is all about that.

But what does it mean for the regular bloke, me for example.

As I don’t currently compete in anything, I don’t need to be quite so specific about my readiness.

What I do want is to be ready for whatever is likely to happen at any time on any given day.

I do this by keeping a set of minimum standards.

These are strength standards, mobility standards and endurance standards.

So what is a minimum standard?

Simply put it’s an expression or test that you can pass any given day. Even that you can pass it everyday for a week. You should be able to hit this standard tired. You should be able to hit this standard, even if you did it yesterday.

it means a well rounded ability. It’s what the Wg-Fit training methods are built on, probably best embodied by the Lunchtime sessions.

A maximum, a PR is something you do once in a blue moon. They’re great to have, but they’re the top of the pyramid, a pyramid that is built on a foundation of minimum standards.

If you create yourself a few standards and ensure you never drop below them, then you will find yourself able to enter a peaking plan and achieve your competitive condition within just a few weeks. I have friends who are boxing coaches and talk about never being more than 2 weeks out of shape in case of a last minute match up. That is always ready for an athlete.

For the non athlete it means being strong enough, mobile enough, enduring enough and skilled enough to take on whatever the day may throw at you. The city is gridlocked? So what, you can run. There’s a riot on the street? You are calm and capable and can get yourself and your group off side. Your car breaks down? So what, you have the strength to push it anywhere. Your friend challenge you to do a 10k for charity? So what, it’ll take you a week or so to dial in running form, and you’re away.

A good human animal is a capable human animal. This means minimum standards. Stuff that you know, without a shadow of doubt that you can do.

Are you always ready?


Dave Hedges

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