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How to Apply Elite Level Training to Your Training

At the highest level of any endeavour is where the best info lies.

Reading about and watching videos of the training of top UFC fighters, Pro Mountain Climbers, Elite Kettlebell Sports guys is inspiring and informative.

But is it applicable to the lower levels? At the principle level, abso-fucking-lutely

The methodology may not be applicable, in many cases what the elites do would be way beyond the capabilities of the everyman. That’s why they’re elite.

But the principles are the same.

Principles don’t care where they’re being applied.

Are you in an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar kit? Maybe Does that change the principles of how to do what you’re doing? No.

Taking the time to do things well ultimately winds up with those things being done faster, stronger, better.

So take time.


Dave Hedges

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