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How Can I Use My Kettlebell for Bicep Curls?

I received an email from an old friend the other day.

He’s an ex military bloke now working in private security, every time he emails me he’s in a different yet equally remote corner of the globe. In fact the time before this he had narrowly escaped the disastrous earthquakes that destroyed most of Haiti a while back. He said he felt the early shocks and made a quick decision to exit the building through the window and get to open ground. Lucky he did!

Currently he’s living in the middle of some jungle, I’ll not give details, but says he has managed to get himself a 16kg kettle which he uses to complement his training program of Hill Sprints, Push Ups and Pull Ups.

In the email he wanted to know about bicep curls and how to use the kettle to achieve these.

Bicep curls?

Yes, bicep curls.


Well, in a previous post (here) I spoke about the way i use them with our kickboxers to keep their elbows healthy. Too much emphasis on extending the elbow through push ups and punches, especially the jarring of a missed punch, can lead to imbalance across the elbow joint. I use reverse curls with a towel threaded through a kettle for fix this.

But for a tactical type of guy, what use are curls? Aside from vanity of course….

Here’s a question. Have you ever carried a fully loaded assault rifle, or stood on stag rifle ready to go at any second? For the first while it’s grand but after a while that rifle starts to weigh and if you’re tiring, can you guarantee you’ll be able to get it up quick enough?

So here we have an argument for curls. Our boy is already doing pull ups, now he’s a military boy so he;ll be doing them with the palms out, this prevents the biceps from assisting in the move forcing the back to take the strain. So while pulls do have some bicep work, supplementing with curls (or switching to chins) isn’t a bad idea.

So have a look at this video and see how we use the kettle for curls: [youtube]



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