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Holy shit! You killed me with two exercises!

“Holy shit! You killed me with two exercises!” said Andre Ramos Zavatini after a very short sharp shock workout at Wg-Fit

Yup, you read that right, just two exercises.

And neither of them were burpees!

First an introduction.

Andre Ramos is a BJJ black belt, a Capoeira maestro and all round good bloke. You can find him teaching BJJ out of Lionheart Gym on North Frederick St, Dublin.

Andre is an old friend of Wild Geese and when he needs someone to put him through his paces we’re the first people he calls.

Which is cool, people like Andre are a pleasure to work with. He brings a smile, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic to every session. If you tell him to dig deep, few will dig deeper.

So when he said he only had 15 minutes before he had to go, he was shocked at how much quality work he could do and how much of the body he could work with so few movements in such a short space of time.

What two movements?

1A: 1 Arm Push Up x 5L/R 1B: Farmers Walk x 30m 5 rounds

Thats it.

I’m a huge advocate of one arm push ups for fighters. The force vectors involved are close to those of a punch, force travelling from one hand through to the opposing foot. This places a huge anti-rotational stress on the core musculature and teaches whole body stiffness.


The Farmers Walk trains everything else, especially if you load it up.

And why wouldn’t you?

Go back and forth with minimal rest and you get this strange urge to breathe heavy, you’re heart rate climbs every higher and you may find yourself leaking.

farmers walk

Sounds a lot like a cardio vascular effect.

Or a stroke…..

Training takes many forms. The form is dependant on the function. Define the function and build the training around that.

For Andre today, the function was maximum effect in minimal time, it was strength and work capacity.

Once this was established, the form became clear, big push, big carry, small break.

He knew all about it.

Short sharp shocks built from 2-4 exercises are possibly the best way to condition a fighter. Not the only way, but definitely one of the best. That’s why they are a frequent go to for any of our fighters prepping for an event.


Dave Hedges

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