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Have you signed up for your Xmas workouts yet?

Well, I’m on the countdown to my Xmas break and I’m seriously looking forward to it! In preparation for me shutting down my classes I’m working hard on putting together your series of No Equipment bodyweight, and kettlebell/bodyweight hybrid workouts for you to do at home or out in the park. I’ve already uploaded a few of these to youtube but have set them to private, if you’ve subscribed to the email list (click here) you’ll get the links to view these clips and follow along at home.

I have however filmed the warm up that is posted up on the wall at Wild Geese, it’s a simple series that aims to loosen up the commonly tight areas in the body and should only take a few minutes to complete. Here’s the video: [youtube=]

If you enjoyed that, don’t forget we have a guest instructor in this weekend teaching a two hour Yoga workshop from 12.30 – 2.30 this Saturday.

See you there.

Regards Dave

PS, Don’t forget to subscribe and get your Xmas workouts.

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