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Good News, Bad News, and Legs that Never Quit

Got some good news, some bad news and some training tips today. So..

Don’t blame me…. blame google images…

Which would you like first?

Ok, bad news.

The Kettlebells for Coaches Workshop has been cancelled. Don’t worry excessively its going to be back on later in the year.

I have to pull it as I’ve booked myself onto the NKT course running the same weekend. This course which will further enhance the day to day service my clients receive, so that takes priority.

I’ll talk more about NKT and how it will intergrate into our existing services another day.

Good News

(good news memes are all so boring….)

I’ll be teaching a Lower Body Mobility and Strength workshop in the In Balance studio, Westport, Mayo.

Here’s the poster:

Email Ciara at to book your spot.

This will be a busy day, open to anyone who wants to know more about training their lower body to be able to take on any challenge that comes your way.

As with the Upper Body Mobility and Strength workshop, the day will be principle lead, not reliant on equipment .

Most of the exercises shown will be bodyweight based, but we’ll explain how the use of external load can be used as well.

Principles offer understanding, the workshop aims to give attendees a springboard from which to launch from in whatever direction they choose.  And of course, there’s online support from me and my #wgfamily online if you want it. Email Ciara at to book your spot.

And finally, on the same theme:

This was on Facebook last week:

“Legs kill lungs” – Mark Reifkind (via one of his clients)

This beaut of a comment was dropped in a discussion about how its not always poor cardio that gets you, but lack of conditioning in the lower body. Especially in fighters.

Consider the sheer size of the musculature below the waist:

  1. Huge glutes (hopefully……)

  2. Monster Quads

  3. Huge Hamstrings

  4. And those calves

All big, thirsty lumps of meat.

And if they’re not trained to be efficient, if they don’t have Strength, Mobility and Endurance beyond what is necessary. Keeping those muscles in action can become very costly from an energy system point of view .

You absolutely must train your legs

And train them in multiple planes for multiple rep ranges .

And do so frequently.

Heavy leg work, ie Squats, Deadlifts and a loaded Lunge at least once per week .

Higher rep light work pretty much daily. That can be lunges in all directions, bodyweight squats, kettlebell swings, cossacks, Dragon Lunges, whatever. Just move.

Try this for example:

A post shared by Dave Hedges (@dave_hedges) on Nov 24, 2017 at 4:09am PST

It is my experience that most people who train regularly and move well can easily meet the following standards:

  1. 100 bodyweight squats for a warm up

  2. 500 squats doable on any given day

  3. Loaded squat with at least bodyweight, ideally more for reps

And more importantly be able to recover well.

Last point, Sled work, ie pushing and dragging a weight is also superb, I just can’t have it in my gym with the Tatami floor we use.

Much of this will be discussed on the Lower Body workshop, which as I said you can book onto by dropping Ciara, my host, a line on


Dave Hedges

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