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Glide Ratio – Why I Workout as Maniacally as I Do

Death If you can get yourself to fully believe in it, Death is a tremendous motivator. One day – and mostly likely not one of your choosing – you will be dead. Really, truly, fully dead. Gone. Whatever the arena, I want to play big and play hard while I’m still allowed to. Lifting, running, loving, working – doesn’t matter, I want to do it full heartedly. Whatever you do, don’t wobble! The corollary to this is of course,

Appreciation This life is such an incredible gift – I didn’t earn it (leaving aside any metaphysical/incarnational convo for the moment).

“BOOM!” and here I am, privileged beyond understanding with a healthy body and mind, and the personal resources (just like anyone else on FB) to maintain and even improve that healthy body and that healthy mind. For me the question would be how could I be unmotivated??? To not make use of the incredible opportunity given to me in this life would be the same as actually, magically having the chance to spend the night with the fantasy person of your choice, and instead you turn on the TV and watch the shopping channel!

So get off your ass and go train, volunteer, love your significant other, but fuckin’ DON’T WOBBLE!

Wolfgang Brolley

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