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Getting Your Shit Together

Despite what most people think, I’m as human as the next person.

So is GSP

So is Micheal Phelps

So is Danny Macaskill

So is Simone Biles

Pick any high performer you have on a pedestal and they have most of the same doubts in their minds as you do.

Does it stop them?

Sometimes I bet it does. So why wouldn’t it stop you?

The difference is they are exceptions, they are at the top of their game, their lives are built around their performances. They have teams around them ensuring they are looked after, that they have the mundane taken care of.

You most likely don’t.

You have a job, a family.

But here’s a thing, as much as you might be trying to be all things to all the people relying on you, you need to remember that YOU are also relying on you.

So, step back for a moment and gather your shit. Get whatever is in your head down on paper.

Simply brainfart the whole lot out onto a page, the bigger the page the better. Then step back. If you’ve been honest with yourself, the entire contents of your mind are on that page in what is likely a complete mess.

This is your shit.

Now you can look at and arrange it, get it together, in anyway you wish.

You can see the important stuff, the unimportant stuff. The Now stuff and the Later stuff, the stuff you’ve been putting off.

And I’ll bet that looking after yourself is on the “stuff you’ve been putting off”

Should it be?

Could you spare a 30-40 minute block of time 2-4 days per week to squeeze in a workout, to stretch the muscles, to burn off that cortisol, to pump up the testosterone? Could you make better food choices? Get to bed a little earlier? Sort out that back pain?

I reckon you could.

If you need help, give me a shout.


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