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Getting impatient!

It’s Friday, the end of the work week.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading down to Kilkenny to take part in the EGSA Kettlebell Lifting Competition, I’ll be taking part in the long cycle event.

This means that there will not be a Kettlebell Class or a Combat Conditioning class this Saturday, so please don’t turn up at the gym, I won’t be there!

I will be stepping up on the platform with a pair of 24kg Kettlebells and performing as many Clean and Jerks as I physically can. I love the Clean and Jerk, I just wish I could say it loved me. It’s a tough bastard of a lift. But, now, 24 hours from the event, I’m beginning to get excited.

I haven’t trained all week, ok so I’ve lifted a few bells here and there, but it wasn’t training, I’ve done mobility and Yoga work every day, but that’s not training either. All I’ve done this week is warm up, cool down, “grease the groove”, eat sleep and be grumpy.

I don’t handle not training very well, especially when everyone around me is thrashing themselves into the ground. Last night the guys hit Bulgarian Split Squats for 5×5 ascending sets and it killed me not to be in the mix with them. This morning the Boot Camp hit an intense conditioning circuit, one that I absolutely love to do myself, but I’m not bloody allowed to!

This impatience, this pent-up energy, this is all being taken with me tomorrow. I know I’ll not sleep tonight, I won’t be able to. I want to get down there right now, step up in front of my peers and set a personal best, not only that, but a best that is better than the guy next to me.

I hate competition, I hate the lead up, I hate the training. But I LOVE the challenge.

Kettlebell Lifting

Tomorrow, for ten minutes, I will challenge myself. I will go deep into my head and lift those bells more times than I’ve ever lifted them before.

Tomorrow I can but this boring repetitive sport training behind me and have some fun again.

I just have to get through today without exploding first!


Next Kettlebell Workshop: Level 1 and 2 – April 10th

Next Boot Camp: Monday 11th April

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