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Get out of the Gym and Become a Warrior

Training outdoors, or at home beats the commercial gym any day of the week. You’ve no ques, no waiting for kit, no crowds of people, no idle chit chat, no artificial fluorescent lights and no air conditioning.

All day most of us a cooped up in and artificial environment with air conditioners sucking moisture from our lungs and fluorescent tubes giving us headaches. We’re surrounded by people talking, chatting, wasting time, moaning and complaining, sucking away at our energy. Is it any wonder that at the end of a long day driving a mouse around a computer screen we’re all exhausted?

This I why the No Equipment, No Excuses lifestyle is more relevant now than ever before. We have more choice now than any other generation in the history of man. But where is it getting us? Technology has given us ergonomically designed machines in which to train our bodies, yet we are fatter with poorer posture and more bad backs than ever before. Something is just not right.

We need to take a step back. To a time where we had to use our bodies to survive. We need to start doing the moves that our ancestors would use in their daily battle to make it through the day. They had no fancy kit and they certainly had no excuses!

Getting outside in the fresh air either before or after a day in the office can have a massive effect on your health and well being. Fresh air, sunlight, nature. These are all things the body needs. Get into your garden or the local park and get busy. You can get a complete session done in as little as 10 Min’s, and rarely is their need to go longer than 45 Min’s, and believe me, once you get cracking, you won’t notice the wind or the rain!!

You’ll feel like a warrior of old. You’ll be mentally and physically refreshed, ready for anything.


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