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Get a grip

Grip is important

Grip strength has been correlated to all cause mortality, ie those with greater grip strength live longer

Possibly more important than living longer is living better.

Do called "healthspan" as opposed to just lifespan

Probably more important to your life right now is simply that a solid grip indicates your ability to generate power.

After all, if you can't hold onto something, you can't lift it, swing it or throw it.

Even your ability to punch is negatively affected by underdeveloped grip.

If you train with kettlebells, maces, Bulgarian bags, then you will probably be ok.

If you Deadlift with out using straps, you are probably ok

Pull ups, hanging, rope climbing are also going to ensure your hands are adequately developed.

Just don't forget to also work on opening the hand.

A simple elastic band that you stretch by opening the fingers, or resting a book on the back of the fingers and lifting it by extending them.


Dave Hedges

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