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Functional Training vs General Training

Remember the functional training craze a few years ago?

It does still raise it’s ugly head the odd time.

But mostly it’s gone away.

I think…..

But the term isn’t inaccurate

Training – to perform a task with the intention of improving skills or attributes

Functional – Something that has a defined function or use.

Therefore, Functional Training: Training that is designed and carried out to develop a specific set of skills or attributes.

But most people don’t need super functional training.

They need general training.

What can be called, General Physical Preparedness in “cool speak”

General training develops general skills and attributes.

General skills and attributes that can be crossed over into every segment of your life.

Used to under pin any specific training needed later.

Used to form the bedrock upon which all else can be built.

What is General Training?

The basics.

The Squat, the Hinge, the Press, the Pull The development of Strength, of Mobility, of Endurance Improvements in Breathing, in Focus, in Recovery

General Training is where the long term progress lies and the real mastery is grown from.


Dave Hedges

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