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From Shaolin to Sideshow and Back Again – Movement

You may have noticed that “Movement” is the current new trend in the fitness world.

You may also have noticed that many of the drills used my “movers” have been taught in Wild Geese since we opened.


Because at my heart still I’m a martial artist, one who became a strength coach.

And martial arts are the origin of many of the movement skills we see today.

I’m not talking about the modern incarnation of MMA and combat sports, I’m talking about the all encompassing training of the Shaolin Monk and many of the older so called traditional or esoteric martial arts.


From there many people specialised in certain areas and various sports and performances were born.

Not least of which are gymnastics and acrobatics.

I love that we have come full circle and the worlds of gymnastics and acrobatics are now being recognised and are being used as training tools by martial artists (GSP was doing it way before McGregor met Ido!)

So I’m delighted to have one of the current greats in the world of movement and acrobatics coming to my gym.

Who am I talking about?

Mr Yuri Marmerstein.


This guy:

The workshop is already over half way subscribed and there’s enquiries coming in fast, so if you’re umming and ahhing about getting on this, you really need to get in.

We absolutely cannot take any more than 20 people. That’s a limit Yuri set, and with the space available in my gym, I absolutely agree with him.

Here’s the booking page:

And before you ask, I spoke to Yuri and there are no prerequisites needed to attend this course.

You don’t need to be able to do muscle ups and handstands before you attend.

Get yourself booked before it’s too late.

Hers’ that link again:


Dave Hedges

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