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Foundations and Structure

Structurally Sound

Structure and foundation, these are two key elements to the training methods used at Wild Geese. They are the reason we use the exercises we use, the sets and reps we use and the style of workout that we use.

What does that mean?

Yesterday I posted a circuit, as it was the circuit used in a large class, it had 12 stations with no repeat exercises. So if you click back to it you’ll get to see many of the drills we use here on a regular basis. Every one of them is a multi joint compound movement, and every one of them helps to build a solid foundation for a strong structure.

While this is not an exclusive list, nor is it to say that exercises we don’t regularly use are not good. It does show a good variety of lifts all with a common theme. Every drill assists in building a solid structure. Without structure, you cannot hope to build the body of your dreams.

The Tower of Pizza, looks amazing, but it's lack of foundation makes it a laughing stock

Many times we get lads coming into our training sessions, all pumped up and impressive only for them to die half way through, or struggle to lift as much as the small guy next to him. These guys usually have no structure, their big balloon like muscles have no foundation from which to work from. Their training, pre Wild Geese, is nearly always about size, the pump and is made up of a collection of isolation exercises, many of which are performed sitting or lying down. They never built a solid foundation of core strength. And by core I don’t mean your abs, I mean a unified core of strength, a body that is strong because it is coordinated and efficient in it’s movement.

When they come to us, they are introduced to a new world, a world of training on your feet, where there are no machines and no isolation drills. A world where the body is built from the inside out. Granted, our guys and girls may not look impressive, until, that is, they start moving. Body building is quite the opposite, you look impressive right up until you start moving.

If you are just starting out in your training, no matter what your end goal may be, spend time with bodyweight exercises, movements like press ups, pull ups, squats and lunges. Then move onto drills like cleans, standing presses, front squats.

Isolation drills do have their place, they are for rehabbing injury or for bringing up a specific weakness, that’s it. They don’t contribute to the entire structure, only to a specific part, they are the icing for the cake.

Learning to use the whole body as a unit, as in the big lifts (Squats, Cleans, Jerks, Swings, Thrusters) is more important for most than anything else. It will prepare the body for any athletic endeavour you choose, then, and only then should you move onto isolation and “pumping” drills to make yourself look pretty.



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