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Fitter, Stronger and Faster in 15 Minutes

Facebook memories are cool aren't they?


Since I use my social media more for work and fitness, I get to look back on old stuff I did with clients or myself.


A memory popped up recently of a lad I haven't seen in years, although he does pop up to say hello in facebookland from time to time.

This fella was training with me for a purpose.


He suffers with his back, and to some extent his knees. Has done most of his life he says.

But he wants to keep healthy enough to train in his martial arts which he'd put on hold as he was prepping for the entrance tests to join the Garda, the Irish Police force.


His goal wasn't to scrape through, but to absolutely kick arse and ace the tests.


The problem was his job at the time was demanding and leaving him little time to train.

So he needed to train in the most efficient way possible. In a way that helped his back and core strength

That didn't aggravate his knees.

To become strong enough for the body drag test

Fast enough for the timed run.

He had 1 or 2 lunchtimes per week. The office only let him out for 60 minutes, so he had to get to us, train, shower and get back within that time.


Here's what we did:

After the warm up we set the timer for however long he had on that day, often just 15 minutes.


We set a Kettlebell at one end of the room and the Sledgehammer and tyre at the other end, approx 15 meters away.


He did 10 Swings, ran to the tyre, did 10 Slams each arm, ran back and repeated.


As he got used to this, we had him drag a punch bag. We could attach it to his waist with a long enough strap that it didn't interfere with either the swing or the hammer. Unfortunately due to the nature of WG-Fit, we can't have a sled, which would have been ideal, but dragging a punch bag achieved the same result.

Here's the video that popped up in the facebook memory:


He did this once or twice a week for only a few months. At home, he did push ups and a bit of core work.


His body shape changed.

He hardened.

His waist shrank, his back got strong.

His lungs got strong.


When the test day came round I waited for his text message.

It came.


He aced the tests.


No back issues, no knee issues, he never gassed out, he felt strong and capable all day.


Not bad for only getting into the gym twice per week max and only with a very compressed window for training.

Using one kettlebell, a sledgehammer, a truck tyre and a punchbag.


I reckon he's been a copper for around 10 years now. I do know he's built himself a good reputation.


Imagine what you could achieve if you combined grit and kettlebells?


Our next beginner kettlebell course starts on January 10th. There are limited places available.

We'll not work you as hard as our hero in the story. But like him, you'll gain fitness and strength while armour plating your old injuries.

You'll build a stronger back and more powerful lungs.

You'll do this because the emphasis on this course is learning to train safely and efficiently.


Key word: Safely.


If you're interested, use this link to read more and see how to book:






Dave Hedges

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