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Female Workout Scam – Craig Ballantyne

Yesterday I did a workout at the local YMCA, surrounded by a well-meaning Personal Trainer and her 3 overweight female clients.

The situation was perfect for their success… 1) They were getting social support by exercising with friends 2) The trainer was enthusiastic. 3) The gym wasn’t filled with annoying meatheads, except for me.

But then the personal trainer unknowingly started participating in “the female workout scam”. Here’s how it works… Personal trainers give their clients “fluffy” exercises like triceps kickbacks, cable chest flies, the inner thigh machine, and those pathetically useless “Plie Squats”. All of these exercises are designed to trick the female client into thinking she is doing female specific toning exercises…but the truth is, none of these exercises help them lose weight. As a fitness expert who’s designed programs for Women’s Health, Prevention Magazine, and even Shape Magazine, I find this female workout scam very painful to watch. I’ve trained many women who had never done a pushup or chinup before they worked with me because their last trainer refused to put “real exercises” in their workouts. In my opinion, this is because most trainers do not RESPECT the physical ability of women. The trainers think… – “Oh, she can’t do it.” – “She doesn’t want to work that hard.” – “I’m worried she won’t want to do it and I might lose a client.”

So they justify giving female clients “politically correct” workouts and listen to their clients complain week-in and week-out that they are not getting results (but the client doesn’t switch trainers because their trainers are “so nice”). Me on the other hand…well, I was once “fired” by a client because I made her stop talking to me while she did each exercise. Imagine that, actually making a client focus on the exercise. (I guess her past trainers let her carry on a conversation while she did her kickbacks. What a scam! Workouts are for working out, not for conversations!) Anyways, you can see how fired up I get by this female workout scam.

I’ve watched trainers fall asleep while charging women $150 an hour for these scam workouts. Can you believe it? Charging someone $150/hr while you take a nap on a bench and your client does a useless workout? Oh, and I forgot to mention, he actually had three clients training with him at the same time. $450/hour for sleeping! No wonder the personal trainer industry gets such a bad name. Well, I’m so worked up I’m going to go de-stress and take my puppy dog out for a walk in the country. In the meantime, just say NO to politically correct, rip-off workouts and scam exercises. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you should scammed by personal trainers,

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