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Feel 10 Years Younger

On Tuesday the guys and girls were arriving for the regular Kettlebell beginners session. In came Roseanne, our oldest regular member, as she signed in she looked up and said:

“I just need to tell you, the mobility and stretching you have us doing is brilliant, I haven’t felt this good in around 10 years. At 52, I never thought my bones and joints would feel as good.”

She credits the progress to the warm up and cool down segments of the class. We warm up with joint mobility drills and cool down with a “Yoga-ish” stretch out, both of which she has taken and is using at home. Of course the strength she is building also helps, but joint mobility really is the fountain of youth.

I’ve videoed the standard warm up we use in every beginners class. Watch it and steal it.


The Yoga sequence will be ready for the next post.



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