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Feedback from last weeks Kettlebell Workshop

This is the first piece of feedback from last Sundays Level 4 Kettlebell workshop. It’s from another lifelong martial artists who also practices the Filipino Arts.

Hi Dave, Thanks for the workshop manual and thanks again for the (level 4) workshop on Sunday. The course so far has been excellent. The information has been presented in a very logical, thorough and patient manner. The progression through the last four workshops is very clear and easy to understand. Your ability to link many of the exercises to the martial application has been very informative and will no doubt benefit my training in the future. All I need now is to spend ‘a lot’ more time actually training the material.

I have found in the past when attending workshops and seminars that information can be missed when you try to take your own notes. The production of accompanying manuals is a great idea and allows a participant to concentrate fully on what they are supposed to be doing in a workshop.

Looking forward to level 5.

Talk to you soon


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