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Fearmongering and Pain

Neuroscience is a fast emerging science that helps us understand how the Human Animal really works.

A couple of names to look up in the realm of neuroscience are:

Dr Eric Cobb, founder of Z Health

Dr Andrew Huberman, who I've linked to several times

Dr Lorimer Moseley, who really has spearheaded the entire branch that has become known as Pain Science

And pain science is where we're staying in this post.

The use of language has come under scrutiny by those studying pain.

Not that you'd know it if you are listening to popular media.

When a professional comes on TV and says if you do this, then you will get that.

That's fearmongering and the very thing the pain science guys are battling against.

When you are presented with a source of fear, then this can lead to a stress response in the body, your Sympathetic Nervous system can become aroused.

And this can trigger the very symptoms they're warning against.

Pain is an output from the brain, it's usually a response to a threat of some sort. Not necessarily an injury, as many people in high stress scenarios, or with skewed perceptions of injuries (martial artists and extreme sports guys as an example) may not have pain in response to an injurious experience.

But if we perceive there to be a threat to our well being, our brain can send out a pain signal to try and motivate us to stop what we're doing or move away from the threat.

Having an authority figure telling you that you WILL get back pain if you sit down for time.

Well, that can easily become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Be careful what you listen to.

It might affect how you think, how you perceive the world.

And that could be good.

Or it could be not so good.

Only you can decide


Dave Hedges

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